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Top 5 Facebook Marketing Tips

The chatter surrounding the potential of social media to augment the reach and engagement of companies with their target audience shows no signs of abatement. However, it is also a fact that companies need to do a lot more, both creatively and systematically, in order to truly exploit the opportunities that social platforms such as the Facebook present. Marketing Tips In particular, digital marketing professionals who want to further the reach on Facebook have no choice but to create a strategy that is sustainable, iterable, and flawlessly designed. So how do you go about crafting such a strategy? Here are 5 top tips that can get you started and sort out your Facebook marketing campaign. 1. Stay focused The fans on your Facebook page have a legitimate expectation that your posts, updates, promotional offers etc would be relevant to your brand and product. In other words, you should consider your duty to deliver upon such expectation and make sure that updates on your Facebook page do not veer away from their purpose. While this may sound easy, or even rather elementary, but a lot of marketing campaigns on Facebook struggle when it comes to single-mindedness. The reason is simple – it takes a lot of creativity to craft daily updates that are relentlessly focused. However, this is the nature of the beast, and there is no running away from disciplined creativity! 2. Get your audience involved This tip is indirectly related to the first one in the case you are struggling to come up with interesting ideas on a daily basis. You can ask the fans on your page to come up with suggestions, or run a poll among them. Such exercises take the engagement level with your target audience while at the same time providing you with ideas to play around with. The only challenge here is that you should make the questions or poll all about your audience so that they have an opportunity to share things about themselves. 3. Make use of psychological insights Psychological research has yielded a lot of deep and insightful fact about how our emotional impulses influence our purchasing decisions. While some of them are fairly obscure, abstract, and hard to implement, there are other insights that can be wisely used to augment your overall impact on Facebook. For example, it has been established that readers respond positively to Facebook posts and updates when they are in a relaxed and happy state of mind. Quantitatively, it has been established Facebook witnesses a pronounced bump in traffic on Fridays, as people are looking forward to their weekend. As a digital marketing strategist, you can exploit this surge by reserving your most creative posts and updates for this day. 4. Create an engagement routine for your fans The fans on your Facebook page have signed up because they truly value what you offer in terms of service or product. They have arrived at your page looking for something more, a deeper level of engagement where they are clued in about your future projects and plans. This calls for you to come up with a comprehensive strategy, or a routine so that you keep them in the loop, The excitement of anticipation about what is to come next is a great binding force. You can accomplish this by treating them as members of an exclusive club who have the first right to special deals, bargains, offers and information. Run periodic contests to further spice things up and create excitement. 5. Always measure your marketing strategies The best way to create a winning marketing strategy is through a feedback loop where you know, almost in real time, about what works and what does not. This allows you to tweak and adjust your marketing strategy on the go and fine tune it. In other words, invest in some top-notch social media tools to get an idea about the impact your marketing campaigns are creating.

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